Do you work in a studio and how will you travel?

Because we are photojournalistic style photography collaborative, we don’t shoot in studio. However, if you’d rather shoot in a studio environment, we are able to accomodate.
We’ll travel anywhere!

What's your style?

We love to describe our style as creative documentary. A.R. was trained and has worked as a celebrity photojournalist for over a decade and Sara has always strived to think outside the box. What is documentary style? Well we like to shoot it as it unfolds naturally with minimal interference. However, we also put a lot of time in finding the creative narrative.

We aren’t just photographers, we are visual storytellers.

How many photos will we get

Most photographers give a specific number of photos but we don’t. We try to optimize our time and get you as many photos as we can, but we never compromise on quality.

Are you the right photographer for us?

Choosing the right photographer for your needs is paramount and we hope we fill that need. Because we want to ensure the best experience, we will meet with you via phone, skype or coffee beforehand so we can get to know each other and you can get a feel for our style and we can figure out if what you want is deliverable.

What is your shooting style

We have three photographers that can fit every style, but most importantly we love to work with natural light and take a documentary approach, we are non intrusive and we want to create a fun atmosphere.

We want to work with you, so what's next?

Email us via the contact page and let’s get this party started! We also have a quick schedule for 1 and 2 hour portrait shoots.

Do you require a deposit for photography?

Yes a 30% deposit due at time of scheduling that goes towards your shoot. This helps us secure your space and ensures you will communicate with us if there is any change. Full payment is due two day’s before the shoot.

What should we wear on the photo shoot?

What makes you comfortable is key! We will chat with you beforehand to find out some details and suggest some dont’s but generally stay away from crazy patterns (dots, stripes etc.) But do wear clothes that make those eyes pop!

Do we need to feed you?

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to work long hours without a little sustinence. We ask that if we work a shoot over 5 hours that food be provided. However, if you are unable to accommodate that then we will need to take an hour break within the event so that we can grab something.

Do you offer video too?

No. we only shoot still photography.

Do you retain the copyright?

Yes, as your professional photographer, we will retain copyright of all your images, however we always provide an official copyright release for you allowing unlimited personal use and printing of your photos.

Do you reserve the right to publish your photos?

We prefer to; however, this is negotiable. We respect your privacy and will never insist on retaining any right to publish photos of you and we sometimes consider offering a copyright buyout.

If you’re required to keep your identity private, we will in no way put you or your job at risk, so don’t worry.

Do you provide image files to the client?

Your wedding photography package includes online access to all of your prints with processed and print ready files that can be shared, downloaded and printed for a fee. We also offer packages with physical proofs and a USB digital proof that we mail to you, with high quality images for web use. This is accompanied by a personal use release so you can print your photos and/or use them on all your favorite social networks.

Do you offer albums and portrait mounting?

Absolutely! From wallet size prints to large wall sized canvases, we’ve got you covered. As for albums… well we have styles and options that will highlight the shoot in a stunningly beautiful way. And don’t worry, we can add it to your package.

We want to work with you, so what's next?

Email us via the contact page or give us a call at (818) 850-3774 and let’s get this party started! We also have a quick schedule for 1 and 2 hour portrait shoots via the booking link on the top menu bar.