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Whether you want your book written from scratch or you would like a previous edition spruced up and/or reformulated, Sara’s the perfect choice. She works with you through the whole process and no one will ever know. She specializes in fiction and creative non-fiction or biography.

Prices can vary anywhere from $2,000 for minor manuscript repairs to $25,000 for large, intensely researched manuscripts with edits. Investment depends on the length and complexity of the manuscript and prices vary heavily. Payments will be due in installments, paid upon your approval of the work completed (Not including initial payment). You can choose to attribute Sara as co-author or keep her completely anonymous and exclude all together.

Sara’s Guarantee:

  • Complete non-disclosure
  • You will own 100% of ALL the rights to and profits and royalties from your book.
  • All writing will be her own and never plagiarized.

For more information, please see the Ghostwriting page or contact Sara. (COMING SOON)

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Work one-on-one with Sara to get your creative process off and running. This is structured like a course and a mentorship. 

  • Outlining
  • Characterization
  • Writing prompts and exercises
  • Basics of technique
  • POV
  • Writing for genre
  • Plot devising
  • and much, much more

This is based on need and charged monthly. *Two month minimum.

Contact for free consultation.

[mk_padding_divider][mk_fancy_title size=”35″ font_family=”Sacramento” font_type=”google”]Publishing Guru Package[/mk_fancy_title]

Learn one-on-one with Sara on how to publish your work, get it out there and continue to market.

How to self-publish ebooks: With this Skype or phone tutorial, Sara will guide you in all aspects of publishing your book. Some of the topics included will be formatting, cover art, Amazon, SmashWords, Lulu or any other online platform you choose, bio, and cover blurb creation. Sara also provides a substantive critique of your book. For those of you not interested in learning how to self publish but want a plug and play experience, Sara will do all the dirty work for you and you can focus on writing. PDF and Powerpoint supplements will also be included.

How to self-publish print books: Why is it important? Sara will cover the ins-and-outs on how it works, formatting, cover design, the various print on demand companies and ISBNs. Sara will take you behind the scenes and help you create your own account as well as discussing the different kinds of publishing options. PDF and Powerpoint supplements will also be included.

Your market and your brand: Sara, a leader in book marketing, will set you up for success. This walkthrough of your needs, your vision and mission and step by step class/success training session will cover everything you’ll need to begin the long journey of self promotion. Topics include but not limited to: social media, personal branding, SEO, blogging, website, targeting audience and so much more.

*Price reflects 3 days of one-on-one guidance plus all supplemental materials.

Starting at $500